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Geo Fencing Ads


by Geo Fencing Ads Expert

  • Last Updated: May. 13, 2022

  • Geo fencing ads is a type of digital advertising that allow advertisers to target consumers by their location. Geo fencing is used for targeting ads in the physical world as well, such as street level billboards and flyers. The precise location at which the consumer is located can be determined through GPS or Wi-Fi signals. This technology also allows marketers to personalize messages for specific audiences within a certain radius.

    Location targeting is a vital component in the advertising process. Advertisers will place ads on a targeted location for optimal exposure. Ads may be targeted by zip code, city, state, or even radius around a certain radius point on the map. The reason for this is because over 86% of users use mobile devices to explore their surroundings and advertisers want to make sure their ads are seen by as many people as possible. In addition to that, location targeting can also be beneficial for business owners who are trying to reach out to potential customers in other areas or regions around the world that they may not have been able to reach before using this technology. Location targeting provides many benefits and should always be considered when advertising online.

    There are many different ways to rank a Google My Business for a specific location. Whether you want to rank for your business name, or keywords near your business address, there are many factors that will determine how well your Google My Business ranks. One way to rank higher is by geo-fencing ads of your location. This allows advertisers to advertise in an area as small as 10 miles around the business's address and competitors won't be able to see the ad unless they're in that area too. The more people who see the ad, the more likely they think it's relevant and click on it. More clicks means higher ranking with Google Maps!

    There are many different tactics for ranking a GMB for a specific location so that it can rank better than other businesses in its market space (geographic area). One way is through geo-fencing ads of the local area surrounding their business address so only users who live within about 10 miles from their address will be able to see those ads. With geo-fencing ads, advertisers have total control over where their advertising content is seen which makes them top contenders with Google Maps rankings since they’re very targeted and not visible outside of their designated geographic region; this means less competition.

    Geo Fencing Ads Can Mean More Return For Your Ad Spend

    Geo fencing is an advertising technique that targets users on Facebook based on their location. These ads are seen by users who have enabled geo-location services and have visited a place that has been marked as "checked in" on Facebook. Geo fencing can be used to target people who are already at the store, or people within a certain radius of the store. In order to set up geo-fencing, merchants need to set up check in deals with Facebook so that they know when their customers visit the store. They can then create ads for those people and show them only to those who searched for something related to what's being offered such as a deal or coupon (Diaz). This technique is useful because it allows businesses to advertise directly relevant deals, products, and discounts without having any idea of what type of person would be interested in it. A study from Experian shows that businesses using geo fencing saw results like: increased web traffic by 20% and increased conversions by 28%.

    YouTube has a geo-fencing ad program that allows advertisers to reach viewers within a specific geographic area. Geo-fencing ads are targeted by location, so they can only be seen by users in the advertiser's targeted region. This form of advertising is used for businesses who want to reach customers in their area, like car dealerships or restaurants looking to target local customers. Advertisers pay either on a per-impression or cost-per-view basis depending on the campaign that they choose. Geo fencing ads are targeted by location and can only be seen by users in the advertiser's targeted region which is typically set up as an area with a radius around 100 miles from the business' physical location. Advertisers use these ads for targeting local customers and paying either on a per impression or cost per view basis depending on their campaign choice.

    Location-based advertising is a type of internet marketing that enables businesses to advertise in locations where they believe their customers are. These ads, which can be seen on smartphones, laptops and tablets, offer information about nearby coupons or the availability of products in the nearest store. Location-based ads drive more sales because they provide timely information at the customer's fingertips. This type of advertising also increases foot traffic to brick and mortar stores by encouraging shoppers to visit their nearest location. The process for geo fencing involves using data from customer’s cell phones or other devices as well as retailer partners’ databases to find out where customers are located so that retailers can deliver relevant offers and promotions when customers visit stores nearby them. Retailers also use this information to send notifications about deals and announcements for specific days or hours when users are near one of their stores. This is done through electronic banners, SMS messages, emails or desktop popups with a temporary coupon code that expires after a certain amount of time has passed from when it was issued. The success rate for retailers using these location-based marketing campaigns has been high; as many as 92% have reported an increase in conversion rates since launching such campaigns while 86% have increased customer visits to brick and mortar locations since implementing geo fencing ads.

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